About John Henry "JH" Cosaini

Born into a musical family, JohnHenry Cosaini, who his friends know him as “JH” started singing Italian songs at the ripe old age of 5. His love of music and singing talent led him down the path of actually writing songs and lyrics by the age of 8. JH taught himself guitar and piano and would test his abilities in New York City at Central Park. 

One day while playing his guitar and singing in Central Park, a man stopped by to listen to JH. His name was George Scheck, the manager for Connie Francis and Bobby Darin. Mr Scheck was interested in the talent of JohnHenry. Unfortunately, JH’s father wanted him to keep going to school for his educaton and put off being a ‘star’ till he was much older. JH’s father realized then that his son was very talented. While playing at Feathers in The Park, the great jazz musician, Louis Armstrong, stopped by and listened. Satchmo left a $20 tip for young JohnHenry and told him, “I like your personality and the way you sing.”. 

So with music in his blood, JH followed his passion. He started his first bands “Hour Glass” and “JH and the Up and Coming Sluggers”. There were plenty of party gigs for these talented young rockers. JH did plenty of gigs there in New York and met some accomplished musicians and made some great friends. While in Glen Cove, Denver Oldham, the great concert pianist, and Michael Franks contacted Richie Cannata and Liberty DeVito to record original songs with JH. They went into the studio off of Times Square to record about 12 songs. Richie and Liberty went on to become part of Billy Joel’s band. 

JohnHenry decided that it was time to move to a more temperate climate, sunny Southern California. After moving to Los Angeles, JH retained the managerial services of Buddy and Mildred Banks. He joined up with some of the most creative people in the local music scene. A new band was formed called “JH and The Headlights”. The Banks booked the bands throughout California. They played at the Brown Derby, the Bicycle Club, and over 100 other top venues. After the band broke up, JH played with many noteable musicians. Among them was his good friend Alfred Garcia, a bassist from Cuba who was featured in an issue of Guitar Player Magazine as one of the top bass guitar players. JH also worked at the Executive Room in LA where he played the piano. Interesting side note - that same piano was the one that Billy Joel wrote 'The Piano Man' on. Jh also played the cocktail piano at the Harbor Inn in Pico Rivera which was across the street from the International Club. While on break, JH would often go over to the International Club where he met the Salas Brothers, Rudy and Steve, along with Joey Guerra the keyboard player. They asked JH to sit in with them. The Salas Brothers later became Tierra.

Many musicians throughout his life have paid compliments to JohnHenry Cosaini and his talents.  

    Kenny Rogers - “You have a very nice voice” 
    Johnny Blankenship - “You have talent. Don’t stop singing and playing” 
    The Arbors - “Great singing voice!” 
    Chuck Negron of Three Dog Night - “ You sing really well” 
    Trini Lopez - “You’re an exceptional songwriter” 
    Bo Didley - “Never give up on your dreams” This left an lasting impression on JH and led to the song “Lost In A Dream” for the “Today” album

JohnHenry currently lives in Santa Maria, CA. He took a break from music between 2009 - 2013. JohnHenry Cosaini returned to the stage in 2014 with a bang. He was featured on the cover of the Santa Maria Times about the last “Santa Maria Has Talent Show” where he played his original song "Today".  You can view the article here.

Since then he’s worked at several of the most popular clubs on the Central Coast. 
His first full album, "Today", sold out at Boo Boo Records, Cheap Thrills, Game Exchange, Owen’s Music, and Paradise Trading Post. 
Thanks to the assistance of Merrel Fankhauser, the Central Coast's own surf rocker and original composer of “Wipeout”, songs from that album, including "What’s the Reason" and "Today" are being played on over 195 radio stations across the country. And thanks to Warfus “Moon” Powell of local station KPIG, his songs have been heard there as well. 
You can also listen to “Baby I Found You” on Spotify, iTunes, Napster, and other internet music sites. 
JohnHenry is at home in every traditional form of American popular music from blues to country to rockabilly, to gospel, as well as the hottest contemporary styles. 
His first love, however is oldies rock, and that's where the roots of his creativity come from. 
But his songs are more than nostalgia, they remind you of the greats of the past, but they speak to the concerns of today. After many years of hard work, through good times and bad, JohnHenry has compiled an original album of some really memorable tunes.

He never gave up on his dreams.